The Initial Consultation

Most of our patients come to us with a specific dental need. They may have crooked, crowded or missing teeth, yellow stained teeth or they may be suffering pain from teeth or gums.

btooth1   btooth2

Typical oral camera images to show a specific problem at the initial consultation appointment and after the procedure has been completed.

We allow an hour for an unhurried, in depth discussion of all your dental needs. Often a cosmetic problem has a functional basis and we are dedicated not only to providing you with a beautiful smile but at the same time healthy and pain free gums and teeth and freedom from painful jaw joints and chronic headaches.

We are usually able to give the patient a broad picture of what is necessary to restore the mouth to maximum health, function and beauty.

We must emphasise that our first priority will be to address your main problem, but sometimes there may be underlying causes and associated problems which will need to be discussed. If the first problem is pain we would of course deal with this immediately.

During the initial consultation the latest oral camera is used to detect problems of the teeth and gums which are shown instantly and with great clarity on the computer screen. This enables us to make an early diagnosis of any problem and for the patient to understand his/her own personal dental needs as never before.

Where appropriate low radiation digital x rays are taken and displayed on the computer screen.These x rays show areas between the teeth and underneath fillings which are not detectable with just visual examination.

A panoramic x-ray is taken in a special machine of the entire jaws. It shows the entire jaw areas but not in the detail of individual films. Areas that can’t be seen with the routine set of x-rays can be seen such as wisdom teeth, sinuses and the joints.