The Concept Of Complete Dental Care

The establishment of definitive goals is the foundation for complete dentistry. The ultimate goal of all dental treatment is optimum oral health.

Complete dentistry has four comprehensive goals:-

1) Optimum oral health
2) Anatomic harmony
3) Functional harmony
4) Occlusal stability

If each of these goals is achieved, treatment success is assured. When the entire system is healthy, and there is a harmony of form and function and the relationships are stable, the treatment can be considered “complete”. Furthermore, cosmetic requirements will also be fulfilled, since the appearance of the smile is dependent on the same harmony of form that is necessary for harmony of function.

Every diagnostic or treatment decision should be made on the basis of understanding the reasons for the problem and the reasons for the treatment. Planning must then be directed at definitive goals.

All treatment should be consistent with the goal of providing and maintaining the highest degree of oral health possible. The degree that the causes can be eliminated will directly relate to the degree of success in changing unhealthy mouths to healthy ones.

A good end result depends on recognizing all the causative factors along with an understanding of how and why each factor affects the health and function of any part of the masticatory system.

The most important step in achieving complete dentistry is a careful diagnosis to determine disharmony, instability, or disease.

The method of diagnosis and treatment planning consists of the following:-

  • A careful examination to isolate and analyze every factor that is capable of causing disease, disharmony, or instability.
  • An analysis of host resistance and an evaluation of any other contributing factors.
  • An evaluation of the effects of causative factors. Effects should be related to time, intensity, and host resistance.
  • An analysis of all possible methods that could be used to eliminate detrimental causative factors or neutralize their harmful effects.
  • Selection of the best treatment approach.


Unfortunately these are subjective words that have different meanings to different people. My concept of Quality and Excellence may be very different from any other dentist. What these words mean to me is striving to do the very best dentistry I know how.I do this by not cutting corners or rushing procedures .We strive to create a healthy mouth that is in harmony with the entire body and with restorations which are hopefully so natural it comes close to restoring the mouth so that you can’t tell anything has been done. Cosmetic dentistry is nothing new and fine dentists have always thought about natural beauty. We now have materials that make it easier to achieve these goals. Aesthetics must take into consideration function and harmony and true beauty will be achieved.

Quality and Excellence are goals that I am always striving to achieve.

Recall appointments

recall2This is also commonly called the “checkup and cleaning”.

It is very important for you to understand that during your recall appointment, you will receive much more than just a cleaning. I don’t know if you have ever given it much thought, but you are receiving a FULL SPECTRUM of diagnostic, preventive, and educational services specifically and individually designed to help you keep the best possible smile for a lifetime. Based upon your specific dental needs, your dental team will formulate a programme designed to accomplish your dental goals. Some or all of the following procedures will be included in your recall appointment.


During the DIAGNOSTIC phase of your visit we may include:

  • A review and updating of your medical history (please tell us!) and recording of any changes in your prescribed medications and physical condition.
  • Necessary X-rays for detecting decay, bone loss and oral pathologies (disease) such as cysts etc.
  • An examination of your teeth to detect decay.
  • An inspection of all existing restorations (filling and or crowns) for leakage and racks which may result in future decay.
  • Evaluation of your periodontal (gum) tissues.
  • Evaluating possible cosmetic alterations which you may feel will improve your smile.

We can check your teeth for any signs of grinding. We also check your jaw very closely when you get your dental check-ups. If you show signs of grinding, we will tell you and recommend an easy-to-wear oral appliance that you wear at night to protect your teeth and jaw. Since this all happens subconsciously, you cannot control whether or not you will grind so the protective appliance is our best line of defence.

If you believe you are a “grinder” , please call and make an appointment for us to evaluate any possible damage and to make the oral protective appliance. We will also check for this common disorder every time you get your teeth cleaned.

The PREVENTIVE services of your visit may include:

  • Head and neck oral cancer screening.
  • Scaling of your teeth to remove all plaque and calculus (tartar).
  • Polishing of teeth to remove all surface stains.
  • Polishing all porcelain crowns.
  • Polishing all silver restorations.
  • Flossing.
  • Application of fluoride if necessary.
  • Referral to a specialist for specific treatment if necessary. (ie. Endodontist, Periodontist or an Oral Surgeon).

The EDUCATIONAL aspect of your visit may include:

  • A tour of your mouth with our intra-oral camera and a discussion of findings.
  • Toothbrushing and flossing instructions.
  • Dietary discussion (if necessary).
  • Presentation of prescribed dental treatment.
  • Updating you on what’s new in home care products and the latest advances in Dentistry.
  • A discussion of the recommended time periods between recall visits.

We hope you can see now that your oral hygiene recall visit IS MORE than just ‘a cleaning’. We believe that our patients deserve the benefits of the FULL SPECTRUM of available dental services that can assist in the protection of their overall medical and dental health.
Please remember, good oral hygiene is a great habit to get into! The rewards of a FULL SPECTRUM Recall Appointment are a healthy dentition, a bright smile and the confidence that you have begun a programme that will continue to provide benefits to you for years to come.

What I have found is that no matter how well a dental procedure is done, it will not last to it’s full potential unless it is taken care of correctly. The biggest factor is proper home care. Everyone slips up occasionally and conditions can change, so the second most important factor is regular check-ups. If something does “go wrong” it’s much easier and cheaper to take care of when it’s discovered early.