Nervous Patients


Sedation can be provided for most healthy adults but not pregnant women. The technique usually involves a simple injection into the back of the hand and a measured administration of the sedative drug. Patients will not be put to sleep, but think they have been asleep and they will not be able to drive or operate machinery for the rest of the day which means they must be escorted home after the appointment. This is a very safe and successful technique which has helped numerous patients overcome their fear of dental treatment. If you would like to know more about this or any of our other services please contact us.

Sedation for Children

Your child may be offered Inhalation Sedation to help him/her relax while having dental treatment. This involves breathing what we call “happy air” through a small nose mask. Your child will not go to sleep but they will feel more relaxed and able to cope better with dental treatment. The use of “happy air” has been shown to be better than giving a general anaesthetic (putting your child to sleep). This is the reason for offering you this service. Some very small children who are unable to co-operate will need a general anaesthetic as “happy air” is unsuitable. The dentist looking after your child will first try the small nose mask to introduce them to the “happy air”, explaining how it will make them feel. If at any stage the dentist thinks your child is unhappy with the treatment, it will be stopped. Your child can also stop the treatment at any time if they so wish. It may be necessary for your child to attend for an extra visit before any treatment is done so that they are comfortable with the “happy air” technique. Please feel free to ask the dentist if you have any queries as we are always pleased to help.Adults may also benefit from this “happy air” (nitrous oxide) sedation.